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Reconnective Healing, Reconnection & Yoga

Reconnective Healing, Reconnection & Yoga

Reconnective Healing & Yoga

Re-connect with who you really are and accelerate your life progress.
Reduce stress, deepen relaxation, enhance vitality and find balance and wholeness.


* Yin Restorative Workshops with the seasons of the year
* Monthly Shakti Yoga & Meditation class

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My name is Maneesha en I’de love to let you also experience for yourself

  • How to transform blockages once and for all
  • How the solution is not so much in doing, but in BEING
  • How to relax deeply enough in order to really let go
  • How that will lead by itself to surrender to (allow yourself to) RECEIVING

And let life’s innate intelligence flow in and through you unobstructed. Enabling you to be who you really are and living your potential. In love, in freedom, without judgement, perfectly fine the way you are and how life is unfolding.

Reconnective Healing: working on the level of cells and DNA, with not only energy, but mainly with light and information.

Personal Reconnection: an “upgrade” in your whole system, accelerating your life’s purpose.

Yin Yoga: an integral combination of yoga, meditation and the science of the meridian system.

I am looking forward to meet you.



Tara is the female Buddha of compassion, healing and insight. The Lotus is the symbol for divine birth, purity and spiritual growth. Taralotus refers to healing and growth in love and light.