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Reconnective Healing, Reconnection & Yoga

Reconnective Healing, Reconnection & Yoga

Reconnective Healing & Yoga

Re-connect with who you really are and accelerate your life progress.
Reduce stress, deepen relaxation, enhance vitality and find balance and wholeness.

New! Shakti Circle and Yin Restorative Yoga
See Agenda for more information.


In our current time we are confronted with radical changes. In the world around us and in ourselves. This urges us to return “home”. To recognize ourselves as the light we are. And to trust our own inner power, creativity and wisdom to heal ourselves and our lives.

How? By doing the most powerful thing you can do … do nothing! And return to your natural state of being. Relax your body and mind to open up to receive the healing intelligence of life itself and let it work through and for you. This will guide you to real and lasting health, happiness, wholeness and solutions.

Have a look on the healing possibilities of:

Reconnective Healing: working on the level of cells and DNA through light and information.

Personal Reconnection: an “upgrade” in your whole system, accelerating your life’s purpose.

Yoga: balancing and uniting head, heart and body into wholeness.

Yin Yoga: an integral combination of yoga, meditation and the science of the meridian system.

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Tara is the female Buddha of compassion, healing and insight. The Lotus is the symbol for divine birth, purity and spiritual growth. Taralotus stands for healing and growth in love and light.